How to Get Page One Ranking in Google – If You Dare!

Everyone who is serious about having a successful website is concerned about web ranking, and more particularly, about achieving a page one ranking for one or more relevant keywords. Even in the age of social media, it's a real issue and concern.

In just the last few years, Google and the other big search engines have incorporated what are called “social signals” as a critically important metric for determining the quality of content. Once upon a time, before Facebook and Twitter, it was all about SEO and backlinks. Now social is the single most important driver in determining whether you have a page one ranking in the search results – or not!

The truth is, it has been and still relatively easy to game the “ranking system” with backlinks. Backlinks can be bought and built with relative ease and at a reasonable cost. But it's much, much, MUCH harder to fake real virality (i.e. human interest and real sharing). The folks at Google, being pretty darn smart, have figured that out. Besides the fact that social sharing is very relevant anyway, it's become the prime indicator for Google of whether a site is worthy of being ranked well.

As a consequence, it now weights social activities such as Likes, Shares, Favorites, etc. – the above mentioned “social signals” – as the single most important factor in determining page rank. SEO and backlinks still matter – just not nearly as much as they once did.

The upshot is this: if you want to “rank on page one,” you'd better have good social signals.

So, these days, the ranking algorythm – which is the top-secret formula concocted by Google to determine a page's worth – pays a lot of attention to Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest, etc. Just as you ought to pay careful attention to Matt Cutts' “social signals,” particularly in the following video.

Matt Cutts, being a Google insider and the company's point person on all matters related to SEO, page rank, backlinks, webmastering, etc. is the recognized authority on “how Google works.” One would be very, very wise to pay very close attention to what he says and heed his advice.

Mr. Cutts releases new videos frequently, answering questions from the public (if extreme web dorks can really be considered “the public”) and generally dispensing valuable info without guile.

No matter what web masters and business owners may think of Google, that is all to the good. Without Cutts, we'd know even less about the inner workings of Google – and we don't know enough as it is.

These days – as always – the company's driving imperative is to provide the best user experience for it's users as possible. To that end, Cutts is helping web masters to the extent that he can, without giving away the exact details that would allow the unscrupulous to take undue advantage.

Quite often neither Cutts nor Google discloses enough information to truly satisfy, particularly for those of in the web marketing community who rely heavily on our understanding of how Google works to do our jobs. Fortunately, through trial and error and judicious reverse-engineering, the general parameters of the Google algorythm have been understood. We want more, but what we do know is sufficient for a high degree of success, and what it takes to get a page one ranking.

In the above mash-up of Matt Cutts' various presentations, one can learn a tremendous amount. But as with all information presented online – regardless of the source – one must assess with a jaundiced eye. It is important to know whether information is to be trusted. To some degree, only time and experience can lead to true wisdom and discernment on this, as in any, subject.

So having said all that, follow what is presented here only if you dare! 😉

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How to Rank Highly in Search Results

The Latest and Greatest SEO Tips

The amazing Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz wowed the crowd at the ClickBank Exchange back in 2011. His presentation explored how SEO opportunities have evolved over the years – and what you need to do now to rank highly in the search engine results. This was a seminal presentation, and what he said then is even more important now. He was spot on!

I stumbled across this video again yesterday, and thought I should share it…

Good SEO is critically important to your web and small business  marketing efforts – don't want to miss out on the amazing tips and techniques Rand shares in this video!

For questions or clarifications about subjects covered in this video, contact the Web Genius!

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Small Business Marketing and SEO: What the HECK is SEO?

The following is one of the best videos I've ever seen explaining what SEO (search engine opimization) is, and why it's so important to your business. If you're wondering how it is that Google and the other search engines determine where and how to rank your site, this will tell you! At least in very basic form.

SEO is an enormously complex and complicated subject. Even those of us who have been working in it for years know that there is much we don't know. Google, Bing, Ask, etc. don't share their “secret sauce” with us. Furthermore, the web is changing all the time, and the search engine engineers are forever tweaking their creations. So a video such as this one can only scratch the surface.

But if you're a small business owner or other interested party seeking to understand what the heck online marketers are talking about when they go on and on about SEO, then this vid will give you a good idea.

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