Local SEO Services – 10 of 10 Google Page One Rankings – Case Study

Local SEO Services? Sure. For Starters.

We undertook a project recently to demonstrate our site ranking prowess – and our ability to not just provide local seo services – but to kick butt and take names while doing so. How does 10 out of 10 page one rankings in Google sound? Yeah, that's right. We can take over the entire first page in many local markets!

local seo servicesNow, it's a fact that there are many SEO firms and web marketing consultants out there, and many that can rank your site on page one – for the right amount of money. Because to some extent, it's about the money. The harder the competition, the longer it takes and the more it costs.

video seo watch the videoNote that when they promise to “rank you,” they're generally not promising that they can do so for any particular slot unless you're paying the big bucks. There's ten slots on each Google search results page, after all. You'll be lucky if the average SEO guy gets you into one slot on page one. And that's fine. Nothing wrong with that. But…

We are regularly delivering five… or seven… or even all ten slots. Total market domination of Google page one, in other words. See the video proof…

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Facebook Facts: Infographic of Facebook Stats You Probably Don’t Know

Facebook Facts You Probably Don't Know

The stats are in, people, and if you still need convincing that Facebook should be a key piece of your small business marketing strategy – if not, in fact, the key piece – then the following infographic should make it all crystal clear.facebook facts

Here are the key points (as shown), with commentary.

• People aged 35 years and above now represent over 30% of the Facebook crowd.

The “kids” are leaving Facebook for Instagram, Path, Pocket and Pinterest, but that's more than OK, since it's the 30-somethings that have the serious intent and money to spend.

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Small Business Marketing (Infographic) – Did You Know Series | Part 1B

Part 1A | Part 1B | Part 2A | Part 2B | Part 3A | Part 3B

In the prior post of the Small Business Marketing Infographic series, the “front” to the “back” shown here, we posed the question as to whether the 86% of web surfers who are searching online for local businesses to patronize can find you and your business. But it's more than a rhetorical question, because it can be answered with empirical data. In fact, you can (and should) see the data first hand, and evaluate it yourself.

86% of web surfers look for local businesses to patronize! | So can they FIND YOU to BUY FROM YOU? Take the Google Test to find out how your small business marketing is doing! | Brought to you by imaWebGenius.com

When you take the Google Test, you will very quickly see whether your web presence is making the grade or not. First, you'll see if you're showing up on page one at all. You'd be surprised (or maybe not) how many small business owners don't even know if they do or not. Of course, the ones that do show up on page on are usually quite aware of it, because it normally translates into a lot of calls and business!

If you're showing up, let's hope you're in the top 3 slots. Those get 70% of all the clicks. Further, if Google Places/Maps is present, are you showing up there, as well? Google has done an excellent job of “training” the public with their products, and many never look down the page past the map itself. They look for the nearest establishment and click the digital pushpin for more information.

No matter what ways consumers make use of the Google listings, the fact remains that if you aren't showing up for the keywords people are searching for, you're in big trouble. Period. End of story.

The simple Google Test answers the question from the “front” of this infographic. Can they find you to buy from you? 

No matter where you are on the Google listing, and whether you show up on Google Places/Maps or not, your positioning is not written in stone. Rest assured that it can very quickly be improved with the right small business marketing strategy.

Now here's something most small business owners don't know. It's kind of an open secret in SEO circles. Here goes: you can “own” more than one slot in Google! Yep, it's true. So, instead of having just one slot on page one for your keyword phrase, you can have three, or five, or even more!

Think about the implications of that for a moment.

See, if you do it right, you can have more than just your website showing up on page one. You can have secondary sites, videos and even local directory listings appearing there as well. And what do you think that does for? Yep… more clicks! Lots more.

Better still, when you grab multiple slots, you're actually denying the competition the opportunity get all that new and repeat business via Google.

Now it's true that not every market is conducive to multiple listings on page one. In a few, the competition is already too fierce, and you're “lucky” to get a single entry (luck having nothing to do with it, actually). But in many markets all over the USA and beyond, the Google listings are wide open to serious businesses that take the initiative.

Total online marketplace domination is not just possible, it's very, very achievable – if you know what you're doing and you have the time and resources necessary to make it happen. It won't happen overnight. But you'd be surprised how fast it can happen, too.

There's a flip side, of course. By the same token that you can dominate your local marketplace, your competition can do the same.

But whether we're talking a single listing (preferably at the top) or multiple ones, your business simply must be on page one or you might as well forget about getting any action from Google. Most people never go beyond page one, and most pick from the top few results.

And not to trouble you further, but the fact is that the longer you wait, the worse it gets. Those who achieve success in their local marketplace online are thereby positioned to benefit for years and years to come. Those who wait until it's too late will rue the day when they “coulda, shoulda, woulda.” Don't let that be you.

There's more in the Do You Know Small Business Marketing series, Part 2…another test!

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Small Business Marketing (Infographic) – Did You Know Series | Part 1A

Part 1A | Part 1B | Part 2A | Part 2B | Part 3A | Part 3B

We're posting the Small Business Marketing Infographic series for the benefit (we hope) of all the small business owners out there. A few may well have fatal heart attacks, in which case it's only beneficial to the survivors! We sincerely hope most of you can absorb the info without quite so serious a reaction.

The Small Business Marketing Infographic series is a three-parter which provides some very hard-hitting facts that most business people are shocked by (we know this because you are not the first person to see these graphics or the data we have compiled). We here at imaWebGenius actually like the shock-value of this data, because it's been responsible for waking more than a few folks out of their long-standing (long-reclining?) web marketing slumbers – if not from out-and-out comas!

So let's start with the first two-by-four to the noggin fact: 86% of web surfers look for local businesses to patronize. Despite what you may think about online, the truth is that just about everybody is using Google and the web these days. Forget the Yellow Pages – the phone book is dead!

NOTE: Be sure to watch the companion video to this info graphic, which actually demonstrates how to do the Google Test and explains more about the subject.

86% of web surfers look for local businesses to patronize! | So can they FIND YOU to BUY FROM YOU? Take the Google Test to find out how your small business marketing is doing! | Brought to you by imaWebGenius.com

Here's the thing…

It's 2013. The web, as a commonly used tool for nearly all of society, is over a decade old. Though steady (and in some cases significant change) is still constant, it's matured. And yet the vast majority of small business owners are still doing their marketing in the stone age – relatively speaking.

They not only ignore the reach and power of the web. Many actively avoid it, either out of fear of the unknown or because it hasn't worked for them in the past. The former concern is a valid one. After all, knowing what and how to do it online is a formidable challenge. As for the latter, it's also an understandable concern. Just about every small business person has been burned by “some SEO guy” promising to “get you on page one” or “make your phone ring off the hook” because of the web.

Still, ignoring the web today is like avoiding automobiles in favor of horses. You could do it. Sure. But would it be smart?

Most small business owners are either not “doing online” very well, or at all. Despite this, a few really savvy folks are absolutely killing it! It doesn't hurt, of course, that most of the competition has ceded victory by not playing the game in the first place! You could be one of the big winners in the not too distant future, too – if you get serious about your small business and online marketing.

BTW, the above issue is one I explore in depth my Small Business Marketing Catch-22. If you think you're one of those web marketing recalicitrants I'm discussing above, you might want to read it. I think it will make good therapy…

Anyway, as shown above, 86% of web surfers want a local business to patronize! (Kelsey Group)

Assuming you are a small business person reading this, this very probably means YOU. You and your business. Unfortunately, if yours is like most small and local businesses, the company web presence is…

It um….

Er, not to put too fine a point on it…


It sucks!

There, I said it.

Yikes! Sorry if it hurts your feelings. Seriously. Some things just need to be said.

I certainly don't know if it's true in your specific case. I can only go by what I have seen out there. It might not be. Your small business marketing might be the best ever (in which case you probably don't need to be reading the ol' Web Genius). But probably not.

There's an easy way to check. Take the Google Test, and see how you fare

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