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web genius picKarl “Web Genius” Steinmann here. I'm working with a number of law professionals these days, and plan to work with more. As part of my ongoing “mission” to bring more people into the fold of PPC marketing, I wrote The Google Adwords Verdict specifically for legal eagles. It's all about the best way to generate “lawyer leads” and “attorney leads” I know of or have ever seen. It's seriously powerful stuff.

ppc marketing-pay per click graphicThe thing is, this “lil ebook” really applies to any profession or business which either has A) a high initial customer value and/or B) a high lifetime customer value. So while it's geared specifically for lawyers and attorneys, it's lessons are near universal, and can be applied to any business enterprise or profession. Best of all, it can make you a lot more money!

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Small Business Marketing (Infographic) – Did You Know Series | Part 2A

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This is the second in our Small Business Marketing Infographic series, revealing yet another shocking statistic most small business owners should be aware of. To wit: 90% of all online shopping-related web searches result in local offline purchases! (ComScore Research)

That's a pretty staggering metric if you think about it.

Now think about the fact that if that if 90% can't find you quickly and easily online – as is the case with most small businesses in the world today – then that business is going someplace else! Very probably for good. Your competition just got richer while you got poorer. Not good.

90% of all online shopping-related web searches result in local offline purchases! | So can they FIND YOU to BUY FROM YOU? Take the GetListed Test to find out! | Brought to you by

In case you're wondering whether having a strong online presence and whether spending time and money on small business marketing is really worth all the trouble, here's some information you might find of interest, as reported by Business2Community:

Search is as popular as ever… More searches are taking place on websites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, and on, which is the top destination for product search). Still, organic search on search engines drive 50% of all referring traffic, compared to less than 8% for social media.

If that isn't compelling enough for you, let somebody else beat the drum I've been beating into my client's heads (or trying to, anyway) for years now. As shown at MarketingCharts:

Search provides the highest quality leads. According to research… SEO leads have a 15% close rate, on par with the close rate for direct traffic, and ahead of referrals (9%), paid search (7%), social media (4%), and outbound leads (2%).

Despite the impact of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media, search is still the single most important aspect of online marketing!

There are many things that can lead to being found online, from lots of content to having lots of people talking about your business. But an effective small business marketing plan must still account for – and to a significant degree, continue to focus on – having a site or sites and content that gets found in the search results!

If you don't know how to do this yourself, you should consult an expert. And even if you do know how to do all this, you should still consult with an expert. Because most small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs will better spend their time working on the things that nobody else can do for the business, while letting those who are experts at small business marketing handle that part of the job!

NOTE: We discuss the above phenomena in the Small Business Marketing Catch-22, which is highly recommended. 

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