Facebook Case Study | Cost Effectiveness of Facebook Ads/Advertising

Last year I did a Facebook case study (actually, a mini-case study) which I forgot to post here. It shows the incredible efficacy of real estate lead generation on Facebook (or really, in any niche) – if you know what you're doing, of course. As shown here, we were able to create very strong response in a very short period of time, for next to nothing in cost.

facebook info graphicNOTE: similar results on Google Adwords would have probably cost five times as much – if not ten. And since Adwords is nothing like Facebook ads running on Facebook, there is nothing like the long term or residual effect you get on the world's biggest social networking platform. If and until Google more effectively ties it's ad platform into Google+ – and Google+ starts to rival Facebook (it's not even a close second right now) – it will have nothing like the effect of Facebook ads.

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Facebook – 5 Ways to Get Buzz & Buyers | “Facebook How To” Info

5 Ways to Get Buzz & Buyers | Facebook “How To” Info

Everybody has heard of Facebook. Every business person has heard tales of the power of Facebook marketing. Some have even seen it first (or second) hand, as a colleague or competitor “goes viral” and generates enormous amounts of interest, excitement and revenue. Unfortunately, for every business person who benefits from Facebook, there are 50 or 100 who don't, either because they've failed at it or simply never tried it.

facebook how toStill, they wonder what the ruckus is all about, and quite often doubt that it could really work for them (which is not the case, as Facebook will work well for just about any business, particularly B2C). These Facebook doubters fall into two broad categories; those with an under performing fanpage, and those with no fanpage whatsoever.

facebook how to videoEither kind can be helped enormously by our FREE EBOOK, entitled 5 Ways to Get Buzz & Buyers from Facebook and the accompanying video, just below…

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