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Social Media Sucks – Why I Don’t Care Anymore, And Neither Should You! [2 of 2]

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Here's a staggering fact for you. Approximately 65% of web searchers on Google ARE NOT clicking on the organic search results these days. That's right, they're clicking on the ADs!

social media marketing graphicNow we can argue about whether that's a fixed game or not (it is), and whether “the big G” has become a self-serving enterprise (so much for it's vaunted “ethics”), though I think the evidence very clearly shows that it has. But the point is, what Google has done is make it so that with the very best SEO/social strategy in the world – will get only a piece of 35% of the traffic. And that's, of course, assuming you have put in the time/money to get high up on page one to begin with. It's a glorious dream few will ever achieve on their own.

So, to put it bluntly… the game is rigged. The social media “masters” have conned you, and Google will “f” you. It's a matter of time, and it's just that simple.

Trying to get free traffic from Google, in decent quantity, is enough to drive men mad. It nearly put me over the edge, and you may be feeling the same way. But what's a business person supposed to do? Well, stick with me, because the affordable, rational solution is below…

Social Media Sucks: The Situation

If it's not clear by now, let me tell you straight. When you're attempting to generate a lot of relevant, quality traffic using social media-SEO you had better be prepared to wait. And wait. And wait. Because once that brief burst of social media interest is over, it's only the sheer mass of content you produce – and the quality of your SEO – that will bring in the traffic you want.


social media no more graphicBecause even with the world's best content (and SEO), it's all a crap shoot. It may go viral. It may not. It may rank. It may not. Even a fair degree of certainty is lacking. There's nothing predictable about it, and it's no way to build a business.

That's the great deception that hides behind the lie. SEO and social media are no longer solid, methodical, consistent or reliable ways to build your business. If they every were.

Do you really want to depend on “maybe?” Can you afford to?

The people and platforms promoting social media are never going to tell you these ugly truths. It's not in their interest to do so.

See, once you've gotten all the work done and pushed “publish” (or, more likely pushed “publish” on the half a dozen tools and sites thru which you're spreading your content), there's really no telling, ahead of time, whether what you're doing is going to work – short or long term.

It might be an entirely wasted effort even before you start! Yikes.

Regardless of how well your brand spanking new social content gets shared (or not), Google can (and will) change it's search ranking algorithms at a moments notice. It has a long track record of doing so. Which means all that content you worked so hard to get ranked where it can be found may suddenly disappear from the search results overnight!

And that includes the ranking of your various social media profiles. If Google decides some day that it thinks it's giving to much weight to say, Twitter or Pinterest or LinkedIn, there goes those organic rankings. Don't think it can happen? Just ask Squidoo authors.

NOTE: You really can't lose too badly promoting on Google+/YouTube, because Google is unlikely to devalue it's own properties in search. That would affect the bottom line, after all. But everybody else is fair game, particularly those Google sees as a major competitor/threat (can you say “Facebook?”).

And then, again, you're fighting for a slice of only about one third of of total traffic pie.

I really hate to say it, but not only does social media suck, I've come to the conclusion (after years of being in the internet marketing trenches) that, for most, social media and SEO is a fool's errand. The whole lot of it. I won't say it's an out-and-out scam. But you can kinda see it from here.

drink the kool-aid graphicIf you think I'm being hyperbolic, see what Senior SEO Strategist Trond Lyngbø of SearchEngineLand had to say about the current state of search engine optimization, Google and related matters.

Very likely, the “Social SEO Industrial Complex” has poured the Kool-aid down your throat, and you guzzled it. I know all about it. I can speak to it from long, hard, personal experience, because once upon a time, I not only drank it, I very nearly drowned in it.

It really, really sucked. Bad. So, there you go…

Social media sucks!

NOTE: Click to see an incredible infographic on PPC vs SEO/social media which supports my argument.

Social Media Sucks: The Salvation

So where does this leave us? Well, there's one and only one way I know of to drive consistent, quality traffic to your web properties, without all the drama and agony. It doesn't involve any commitment to social media or SEO at all. And at the the end of the day, it's almost certainly cheaper, too.

It's called PPC – Pay Per Click. It solves all the headaches social media and SEO creates, because with PPC you can get your life back. And if you work with the right person (or even teach yourself how to do it), you'll never look on the web, or internet marketing, the same way again. I know I don't.

ppc rocks imageWith PPC, you can take control of your marketing, drive quality, consistent traffic, get the phone to ring (very nearly on demand), and scale-up as far and as fast as you want to go.

With PPC, a relatively small amount of time is required to manage your account once it's up and running (assuming you do it yourself). Best of all, there's no hamster wheel(s).

You can relax, because – for a change – the platform is working for you, instead of the other way around. Better still, you'll never have to wonder whether you're going to have enough business coming through the door. How great is that?

PPC is that powerful and effective!

I could say a lot more, but this article is about how social media sucks. I think I've demonstrated it. Don't you? If you have any further questions, or you would like to see how PPC can benefit your business, please contact me.

free test drive graphicI'm currently (as of July, 2014) offering a very limited FREE TEST DRIVE of my PPC lead generation services. In particular, if you're in a business with a high lifetime customer value, I strongly urge you to get in touch with me. Let me show you how PPC can both free up your time and make you a lot more money, fast ‘n' easy. Contact me now, before all the slots are gone!

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