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Local SEO Services – 10 of 10 Google Page One Rankings – Case Study

Local SEO Services? Sure. For Starters.

We undertook a project recently to demonstrate our site ranking prowess – and our ability to not just provide local seo services – but to kick butt and take names while doing so. How does 10 out of 10 page one rankings in Google sound? Yeah, that's right. We can take over the entire first page in many local markets!

local seo servicesNow, it's a fact that there are many SEO firms and web marketing consultants out there, and many that can rank your site on page one – for the right amount of money. Because to some extent, it's about the money. The harder the competition, the longer it takes and the more it costs.

video seo watch the videoNote that when they promise to “rank you,” they're generally not promising that they can do so for any particular slot unless you're paying the big bucks. There's ten slots on each Google search results page, after all. You'll be lucky if the average SEO guy gets you into one slot on page one. And that's fine. Nothing wrong with that. But…

We are regularly delivering five… or seven… or even all ten slots. Total market domination of Google page one, in other words. See the video proof…

A word to the wise: being on page one is virtually worthless (in most cases) if you're not in the top 3-4 slots. 60-70% of the clicks occur there. So if you're in slot 9, you'd better hope it's for a term (keyword or keyword phrase) that gets thousands of searches a month, or you're never going to get much in the way of traffic. At all. As in ever. 

In the video below, we don't just demonstrate that we can get you on page one. Naw. That'd be too easy. Old hat, actually. That's for other SEO firms and web marketing consultants who don't have the WebGenius stuff.

No, what we demonstrate here is how we can totally control a market – from the first entry to the last – by completely dominating the first page of Google.

Don't believe it? Then watch the video, and verify our work for yourself…

Local SEO Services. On Steroids

See, what the video shows is that when it comes to local seo, we won't just get you on page one and call it a day. Nosirree. We believe in something we call Total Market Domination. And when we do our jobs right, you won't be found in slot 9 on the first page of the Google search results. You won't even be found in the first or second slot. What will happen is that you'll be found for multiple slots on page one. In some cases (as is demonstrated in the video), you'll literally dominate the entire market, because your site, videos and related content control every single slot.

Yep. That's right. Every. Single. One.

local seo optimization site rank proofHow's that for “local SEO services?” This is taking site ranking to a whole new level. Imagine what it would be like in your market if you owned just half the slots on page one, particularly if you've got a number towards the top. The video shows how we not only own the top slots, but we own them with video. Video is not just the fastest growing (and in some ways most important) aspect of the web and web marketing, it's also the single most effective form of content to have in the search results, because video thumbnails practically leap off the page. They're the first thing, generally speaking, the eye goes to.

Local SEO Services X10

Now imagine what it would be like if you were controlling the top two, three or even four slots with your videos. Who do you think is going to not just get all the clicks, but be perceived as the “top dog” in town? You guessed it – the guy with the videos. So not only can we create the killer videos for you, we can get them into top positions in the search results – on both YouTube and Google – so that it's your business scarfing up all the leads in your local market.

Pretty sweet, huh?

So here's some final advice: don't wait too long. Why?

Because, 1) it's only going to get harder and harder (and more expensive) to do what we show in the video. Heck, it may even become impossible some day, if Google decides to force the issue, and 2) I have a feeling we're going to be getting really, really busy very soon…
Site mentioned in the above video case study: Anaheim Custom Pool Builders.

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