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web genius picKarl “Web Genius” Steinmann here. I'm working with a number of law professionals these days, and plan to work with more. As part of my ongoing “mission” to bring more people into the fold of PPC marketing, I wrote The Google Adwords Verdict specifically for legal eagles. It's all about the best way to generate “lawyer leads” and “attorney leads” I know of or have ever seen. It's seriously powerful stuff.

ppc marketing-pay per click graphicThe thing is, this “lil ebook” really applies to any profession or business which either has A) a high initial customer value and/or B) a high lifetime customer value. So while it's geared specifically for lawyers and attorneys, it's lessons are near universal, and can be applied to any business enterprise or profession. Best of all, it can make you a lot more money!

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If you think The Google Adwords Verdict might be of value to you, I hope you'll take a few minutes to download it and read it through. Unless you are a professional marketer with a background in PPC already, I sincerely believe it will open your eyes and show you some of what you've been missing. All you've gotta do is share it via Facebook, Twitter or Google+, and it's yours. Easy!

In 15 or so minutes, you can literally learn how to completely transform your law practice and pull in new clients easily. For all intents and purposes, “at will.” That's what you'll find in the ebook. And the great news is, the method I reveal is neither rocket science, nor is it expensive… so long as it's followed. In fact, PPC marketing is very high ROI (Return on Investment) marketing. Just don't divert too much from the methods that really work, or it may not work well for you – or even at all.ppc marketing roi-high return on investment graphic

It's true that PPC can be a disaster if you don't know what you're doing. The sad fact is, most people “doing PPC” don't know anything about how to create or set up their ads, how to bid for keywords or, most important of all, how to structure their lead funnels like a pro, for maximum gain. They fail at Adwords (or other PPC platforms) and blame the platform, when it's only the platform's fault insofar as neither Google, Yahoo/Bing nor Facebook do a good job of showing you how to make it work well.

ppc marketing skills abilities knowledge graphicAs with any skill worth knowing, PPC marketing expertise comes from a combination of knowledge and practical application. If you don't start from a place of the right knowledge, odds are you're going to tank. Fortunately, with my “lil ebook,” you'll have knowledge 99.9% of business owner/operators and professionals don't have. You can also check out these PPC marketing tips.

Here at imaWebGenius, we've found it to be quite commonplace that most lawyers (as well as other business owners) don't even know what a lead funnel is, much less how to use one. And this is no knock on anybody! Very few business owners know much about marketing in general, or “technical marketing,” which is the category Google Adwords and PPC in general falls into. The Google Adwords Verdict is a mini-crash course on how to use PPC correctly, and how to get your phone ringing every day.

If you have any questions, we're here to help.

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So all you’ve gotta do to get the book is click one of the special social buttons within the locked area and give us a share. That’s it! NOTE: Unfortunately, the content locker coding is a bit flaky, and it does crash sometimes. If you're not seeing the unlock area, let me know and I'll make sure you get your ebook.

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