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The Infinity Income Scam – NOT Endorsed by Bob Bly!

My mom got a very impressive looking biz opp pitch mailer the other day, from Catherine Reese of Alliance Publishing, offering something called the Infinity Income Dealership Package. The first thing that popped into my head was: “Or should it be the Infinity Income scam?” I knew I'd better look into it, and leave a review of my findings for people wondering the same thing.

scam alertNow, poor mom is on about 1000 mailing lists (apparently, based on the volume of snail mail she gets every day), and more than a few that are used by scammers. I wish I could set up a spam filter for her real world mailbox, but alas, I cannot. She throws a ton of stuff out everyday; most of it she is wise enough to simply pitch without even looking at it. But recently, the Infinity Income letter caught her eye. In part, this is because it comes in a nondescript white envelope, which practically screams “open me.”

Infinity Income Distributor package offer page 1
Infinity Income Distributor package offer page 1, part of the Infinity Income scam.

When I walked in the door, I found her intently reading it with a quizzical expression on her face. She is smart enough to know that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, but this piece intrigued her – enough so that she wasn't sure if it might not have some merit to it. Of course, being the “family marketing and biz opp expert,” she asked me about it.

Upon first glance, it appears to be a legit piece. It's got the look of one of those no-nonsense white papers one might get as a prospectus from a mid-size brokerage or investment firm. Not slick at all, but very professionally put together. It's well-written, with just enough zazz to keep you intrigued, but not so much as to putt you off. I'm sure it's the result of many years of tweaking and split testing. What I found out later only confirmed this.

The Infinity Income Scam – Big Names?

What lept out at me were the glowing testimonials from very well known (indeed, world-famous) branding and marketing pros like Tim Ferris (The Four Hour Work Week), Robert Bly (The Copywriter's Handbook), Dan Kennedy (The Ultimate Sales Letter) and Yanik Silver (Maverick Startup). There are also a bunch of supposed “customer testimonials.” There's no way to verify those, but it occurred to me I was in the fairly unique position of being able to find out if the “celebrity testimonials” were on the up and up.

I was pretty sure that my good friend David Dutton (who made a name for himself as the premier interviewer of internet/online marketing experts and who is now an in-demand personal branding consultant) knew at least some of the “big names” in the testimonials. It seemed logical to ask him for his input. He had not heard of the Infinity Income system, nor had any idea whether it was legit or a scam, but he did put me in touch with world-famous copywriter extraordinaire Robert Bly, via Facebook.

infinity income scam robert bly
Bob Bly on his supposed Infinity Income testimonial.

When I asked Bob about the Infinity Income system, here's what he said. This is a direct quote: “I have never seen the product and do not endorse it.” BANG!

So there ya go. Proof positive. The Infinity Income scam is just that. Out and out fraud. A ripoff. Beware.

Because it doesn't matter if the other “guru” testimonials are real or not (and it's a 99.99% certainty that they aren't), if they're faking one testimonial, they are probably faking all, and simply not to be trusted. Period. End of story.

The Infinity Income Scam on Google

It turns out I could have done a Google search and found out enough to be pretty darn sure Infinity Income is actually the Infinity Income scam. You can find disgruntled former “distributors” who never got what they paid for, and were never able to reach a real person despite repeated efforts, calls, emails and “visits” (turns out the address for Alliance Publishing is a P.O. Box in a scary part of Sandy, Utah).

infinity income scam proof
Infinity Income “testimonials” (probably all fake), including Bob Bly's.

Now it's true that the only people who post to sites like Ripoff Report and are, by definition, unhappy people. Sometimes, even the best businesses get slammed, and a few negative reviews online does not necessarily a business scam make. But when you combine bitter and extensive negative reviews with the proven fact Infinity Income is using fake, forged testimonials, I'd say that amounts damn near to absolute, 100% proof. Wouldn't you?

Apparently, “Catherine Reese” and the “Infinity Income Distribution Plan” have been around for some years, under slightly different names, but usually originating from the same place. Many, many folks have been burned by this “biz opp.” If it's not an out and out scam, it's doing a good job of pretending to be one. This is one to avoid at all costs!

If I can give a word of advice, you should look for this one thing that is nearly always a clue-in to a scam: they only want checks or money orders. That's all the Infinity Income scam will take.

Scammers often won't take credit cards because credit card charges can be disputed and reversed, and taking credit cards creates an easily followed trail. When crooks take checks and money orders, it's far harder to track them down, and there are no refunds or do-overs.

So, the message here is: beware of both online and offline scams, and in particular, the Infinity Income scam.

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