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Since you're here, it's pretty obvious that you know about the power and potential of Google Hangouts. And it's also a pretty good guess that you're here seeking help with Google Hangouts. So don't feel bad! Despite what your internal dialogue may be saying, it's not you! You're not stupid, and you're not alone.

google hangouts helpGoogle Hangouts are incredibly valuable, powerful things. The technology is amazing. But like much of the whole Google+ suite of products, it's interface and instruction set seems to have been specifically tasked to the proverbial room full of monkeys (possibly not even trained).

google hangouts help
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I sometimes wonder if Google specifically set out to make the entire hot mess as difficult to use as possible. Important pieces of the puzzle are scattered hither and yon… sometimes across more than one site. The interface at one platform bears no resemblance to the interface at another (YouTube and Google+1 being the worst and most salient example).

The whole thing is confusing, frustrating and aggravating, even for someone like me who spends all-day-every-day working with software and interfaces. And it's left many folks scratching their heads and feeling incredibly stupid for not getting it.

For the intrepid, you can actually learn more about Google Hangouts at Google's own site (note: sure makes it all looks so appealing and easy)!

Google Hangouts – This Ain't Facebook, Baby!

In this author's humble opinion (which I can only hope does not get me in trouble with the “Big G” – and by that I do not mean “God”), Google's attempt at building a social network (Google+) and everything else that goes with it is nothing less than roadkill on a dungheap.

Now don't get me wrong. It may, in fact, ultimately prove a huge success. But this is more far more a testament to Google's arm-twistingly coercive measures and massive influence in the marketplace than to the elegance and user-friendliness of the platform. Of which there is so little as to be none.

I sometimes wonder if the implementation of Google's so-called and rather overly optimistically euphemistic “Facebook killer” was not entirely contracted out to Rube Goldberg Inc, or maybe the Three Stooges. This is not to say Facebook's interface has been exactly stellar, either. But it was never as bad as Google+, even at the start.

google hangout engineers drink the kool-aid
With apologies (sorry guys) to the Three Stooges.

Further, Facebook has put a lot of effort into improving the interface over the years. With time, users have become familiar with it's peculiarities, and most are comfortable with it. And there's actually some logic and consistency to Facebook.

The general consensus seems to be that even on a bad day – and with all it's quirks – the Facebook interface is far and away more intuitive and easier to use than the Google+/YouTube smashup.

Like I said: roadkill on a dungheap.

Google Hangouts Help – Help is Needed

The unpleasant fact is Google has given us a massively kludged interface. We're stuck with it. If you want to take advantage of Google Hangouts, you've got learn to deal with substantial “quirks” of the Google+/YouTube and Hangout implementation.

Assuming you can navigate through and past all the technical challenges and get your Google+/YouTube accounts configured correctly to support doing Hangouts, the fun has just begin.

There are many options as to how to go about doing Hangouts, and how to promote them. Far too many to go into here. And as I said above, it can all get a bit overwhelming. You may well find yourself in need of Google Hangouts help. But have no fear! All that is covered in our new ebook – Bad @$$ Hangouts. We called it that because that's exactly what Google Hangouts are – bad ass!

Google is giving a lot of love to it's own creation right now, which means you can “cheat the system” by which Google normally ranks content. And you can do it a completely honest and white-hat way, one that is actually encouraged by Google. Imagine that.

Google Hangouts Help – Get It Here!

Video is the future of organic SEO/SEM and hangouts give you instant traction in both the organic search results and on YouTube. Get rankings and traffic far, far easier than you ever thought possible, and at the same time, build your brand with video. What could be better?

Still, if you need Google Hangout help – or feel that you might – then our new report goes a long way towards making use of Hangouts painless. It's a 100% FREE report.

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