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Facebook Case Study | Cost Effectiveness of Facebook Ads/Advertising

Last year I did a Facebook case study (actually, a mini-case study) which I forgot to post here. It shows the incredible efficacy of real estate lead generation on Facebook (or really, in any niche) – if you know what you're doing, of course. As shown here, we were able to create very strong response in a very short period of time, for next to nothing in cost.

facebook info graphicNOTE: similar results on Google Adwords would have probably cost five times as much – if not ten. And since Adwords is nothing like Facebook ads running on Facebook, there is nothing like the long term or residual effect you get on the world's biggest social networking platform. If and until Google more effectively ties it's ad platform into Google+ – and Google+ starts to rival Facebook (it's not even a close second right now) – it will have nothing like the effect of Facebook ads.

I've been saying for years now that Facebook is the single best marketing platform available today for most businesses, and I believe this Facebook case study proves it – at least to a first order.


facebook case study real estate marketing lead generation

If you know anything about advertising online in general and Facebook in particular, I think you will be impressed. We got a 5% Click Through Rate (CTR)! One tenth of that (.05%) is typical. This also lead to a one-tenth of one cent Cost Per Engagement (CPE), when a few cents is considered great. And since Facebook is all about engagement, the results we got were pretty darn good. Excellent, actually.

In the end, we were talkin' over 1600 engagements (Likes, Shares, Comments, etc.) for about $17. Yup. That's how fast you can blow up a fanpage or offer if you know what you're doing, and how little it can cost.

If you want these kinds of results, contact us and we'll see what's what. We can design and run entire campaigns for you, or set up any aspect of Facebook marketing. If you've got any questions on this Facebook case study, let us know.

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