The Infinity Income Scam – NOT Endorsed by Bob Bly!

My mom got a very impressive looking biz opp pitch mailer the other day, from Catherine Reese of Alliance Publishing, offering something called the Infinity Income Dealership Package. The first thing that popped into my head was: “Or should it be the Infinity Income scam?” I knew I'd better look into it, and leave a review of my findings for people wondering the same thing.

scam alertNow, poor mom is on about 1000 mailing lists (apparently, based on the volume of snail mail she gets every day), and more than a few that are used by scammers. I wish I could set up a spam filter for her real world mailbox, but alas, I cannot. She throws a ton of stuff out everyday; most of it she is wise enough to simply pitch without even looking at it. But recently, the Infinity Income letter caught her eye. In part, this is because it comes in a nondescript white envelope, which practically screams “open me.” Continue reading The Infinity Income Scam – NOT Endorsed by Bob Bly!

The “Great Guarantee” Caper – Laugh at My Expense!

[This article was originally published on LinkedIn (8-13-14) in slightly different form.]

The “Great Guarantee” Caper: Best Buy Won, Office Depot Lost & Logitech Laughed at My Expense – And All the Way to the Bank!

On the Importance of Having a Power Guarantee

by Karl “imaWebGenius” Steinmann © 2014

I had an experience the other day which illustrates the importance of 1) having a great guarantee, and 2) knowing what your competition’s guarantee is. It was also a lesson, as a consumer, in the hazards of assumption.


My business banker father used to say: “ASSUME: It makes an ASS out of U and ME.” That’s what I was thinking as I left Office Depot, not exactly in the best of moods, and on my way to Best Buy – where I knew I’d find satisfaction.

Lest the rather self-important title of this broadside deceive you, understand that this is not an in-depth, exhaustive, hard-hitting piece of business journalism. In fact, it’s little more than a personal anecdote. But it goes to a profoundly important aspect of business.

The upshot being that Best Buy got my business, Office Depot lost it, and Logitech laughed all the way to bank, by default, and completely undeservedly. Here's how… Continue reading The “Great Guarantee” Caper – Laugh at My Expense!

SEO/SEM/Social Media Marketing – STOP – 4 Reasons Why!

[This article was originally published on LinkedIn (7-28-14) in slightly different form.]

web genius picKarl “Web Genius” Steinmann here. I’ve been doing traditional SEO/SEM/social media marketing for a long time. I've ranked pages, videos and even whole sites to page one, number one on Google. I've spent years in the trenches doing all the dirty jobs, from content creation to backlink generation. Recently, I've spent a lot of time on social media, which, as many will agree, is an additional huge and largely worthless time suck. I've even dominated the entire first page of Google, controlling ten out of ten slots! Few SEO firms can deliver anything like that. The upshot is, I know of what I speak.

So here's the thing: In my considered opinion (and I know this is going to be controversial) professionals and small businesses operators have been thoroughly deceived by the industry about SEO/SEM/social media marketing. In fact, I have come to the rather radical conclusion that for most, online marketing is a more or less complete and utter waste of time and money!

Unless you're doing paid search the right way, that is! But more on that below. Continue reading SEO/SEM/Social Media Marketing – STOP – 4 Reasons Why!

Lawyer Leads with Google Adwords – Free eBook!

web genius picKarl “Web Genius” Steinmann here. I'm working with a number of law professionals these days, and plan to work with more. As part of my ongoing “mission” to bring more people into the fold of PPC marketing, I wrote The Google Adwords Verdict specifically for legal eagles. It's all about the best way to generate “lawyer leads” and “attorney leads” I know of or have ever seen. It's seriously powerful stuff.

ppc marketing-pay per click graphicThe thing is, this “lil ebook” really applies to any profession or business which either has A) a high initial customer value and/or B) a high lifetime customer value. So while it's geared specifically for lawyers and attorneys, it's lessons are near universal, and can be applied to any business enterprise or profession. Best of all, it can make you a lot more money!

Continue reading Lawyer Leads with Google Adwords – Free eBook!

Social Media Sucks – Why I Don’t Care Anymore, And Neither Should You! [2 of 2]

[Read Part 1 of “Social Media Sucks” – Click here!]

Here's a staggering fact for you. Approximately 65% of web searchers on Google ARE NOT clicking on the organic search results these days. That's right, they're clicking on the ADs!

social media marketing graphicNow we can argue about whether that's a fixed game or not (it is), and whether “the big G” has become a self-serving enterprise (so much for it's vaunted “ethics”), though I think the evidence very clearly shows that it has. But the point is, what Google has done is make it so that with the very best SEO/social strategy in the world – will get only a piece of 35% of the traffic. And that's, of course, assuming you have put in the time/money to get high up on page one to begin with. It's a glorious dream few will ever achieve on their own.

So, to put it bluntly… the game is rigged. The social media “masters” have conned you, and Google will “f” you. It's a matter of time, and it's just that simple.

Trying to get free traffic from Google, in decent quantity, is enough to drive men mad. It nearly put me over the edge, and you may be feeling the same way. But what's a business person supposed to do? Well, stick with me, because the affordable, rational solution is below…

Continue reading Social Media Sucks – Why I Don't Care Anymore, And Neither Should You! [2 of 2]