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facebook ebook how to marketingIf you’ve got the typical small or local business, you struggle every day to generate more leads, traffic and transactions. You know… Sales! Profits! Ka-ching!

But if your small business is like most, you either spend a lot on traditional marketing methods – or rely entirely on location and word of mouth. You undoubtedly know that the “old media” – newspapers, circulars, radio spots and the phone book – don’t pull like they once did, even though costs remain high. Word of mouth is great, but it severely limits your ability to grow. These days, it’s all about online, and for that, you will probably need an internet marketing company.

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Internet marketing is probably the most effective and least expensive form of business marketing you will ever do. If you do it, and do it right. Which is why you probably will need an internet marketing company to help you. You wouldn’t expect to be able to do your own brain surgery, would you?

And here’s the ugly reality. More and more every day, people use their cell phones, mobile devices and computers to find the goods and services they want. So much for finding your ad in the local paper or phone book! If you aren’t found where they’re looking – in the search results and Google Places, on Facebook and Foursquare, in Yelp and LocalEZE (to name just a few local directory sites), and on YouTube and Twitter – odds are they’re going to patronize somebody else!

Meanwhile, your competition is stealing a march on you (and very possibly locking up the market online where it matters – in Google) as they do what you aren’t doing.

The question you need to ask yourself is really pretty simple: Do you have the time, knowledge and skills to “do online” yourself? If you answered “Yes!” forgive me if I don’t believe it, but best of luck to you. And if you answered “No!” then you need an internet marketing company, whether it’s imaWebGenius or not.

web geniusI’m Karl “Web Genius” Steinmann, and I’ve been doing online marketing for over 10 years now – and real world marketing for long before that. I worked for over 25 years in marketing and advertising – in Hollywood, for Fortune 500 companies and for “mom ‘n’ pop” as well – and I know what I’m doing. I founded imaWebGenius as the internet marketing company for small and local businesses. You can learn more about me (should you care to) on the About page.

I’m here to help you make sense of today’s complex marketing environment – and profit handsomely from it!

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